Push Present

Are you all familiar with a “push present”? If not, the idea is: Woman grows and delivers a human, so woman deserves a present. Makes sense, right?!

My husband and I aren’t too big on presents at this point in our relationship, and I’m totally okay with that. We rather spend money on experiences and making fun memories together.

That said, I dropped a PRETTY heavy hint that I would love to have a little something-something to symbolize that I’m a Momma now. Ergo, my new Brighton bracelet!


Original beads include: “Mom”, colored-hearts, large pave, birthstone charm and “S”. (Yes, my husband was prepared and had our girl name initial too. No, I’m not telling you what it was! :))


A special thanks to my Mom for adding in the two spacers and another little bling bead for my birthday!


I love this piece and wear it every day. Thanks husband!

Think Spring

If you think it…it will come, right!? I’m officially over winter blacks and greys. So I am excited that  everyone will be encouraged to wear a little ‘green’ in their wardrobe today. :)

Here is my idea of a fun St. Patty’s Day outfit. How will you be sporting your green!?


Dress: Old Navy, Tights: Gordmans, Boots: J.Lo via Kohls, Scarf: Gift


Cheers to finding your Irish heritage today..or at least pretending, right?!

Magic 8 Ball

Happy Halloween everyone!

We actually had our Halloween celebration at work on Monday. So I sported the ever-so-clever Magic 8 Ball custom. :) Quite different from last year, but equally as fun. Especially sharing my ‘answers’ with people on my back!
frontJeans and Top: Motherhood, Shoes: Anne Klein via Von Maur, Earrings: Charming Charlie

Happy trick-or-treating to all those kiddos, and adults, out there. I look forward to those that will come to my door tonight. I also get excited when I think about how next year I’ll have a little nugget to torture dress up in costume. YAY! :)

Things I Don’t Understand: Nail art

You know, I just don’t get nail art. Why people?! Maybe if you are a celebrity and you are walking the red carpet it would be fun. But to you ‘normal’ people out there, do you shower? Wash your hands? You know…function in life? And if so, how f’ing pissed are you the first time one of those babies chips? I barely put the effort in to paint my own nails a simple pink or grey from time to time because I get annoyed with chipping. Granted, I treat myself to a mani from time to time, but it’s usually shellac because that lasts me a good two weeks. But it has to be like a really special occasion because it’s a little pricey.

So I’m curious. Are you a nail artist? Can you explain a bit of the appeal to me? How long does it take? Honestly, how mad do you get when that first chip happens? So many questions!!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here are some of the MANY highlights out there to show what I’m ranting about….

nails 5 nails 4 nails 3 nails 2 nails 1Source here

Kudos to you ladies, you prove to me you enjoy sitting for endless hours painting, and drying, your nails. I’m sorry I don’t appreciate it more!

Traffic Stopping Bright

I caught my reflection a couple times today and thought, ‘Wow, this shirt is so bright it’s like those people that stop/slow traffic!’ Likely on my mind since I past road construction on my commute every day! You know what they say, Iowa has two seasons; Winter and Construction!


Shirt: JCP, Jeggings: Old Navy, Shoes: Steve Madden via Von Maur, Necklace: Cookie Lee


Toss in a little spin for fun…!


Nice and long in the front and back, which is totally flattering in my opinion!


Cheers everyone, and Happy Friday!!!

Busting at the Seams!

Sad day…my button ups have run their course as options of tops to wear. I, of course, knew this day would come, but it’s a hard one for me. I LOVE button-ups. Especially for work. And I know I could go buy some maternity versions, but I’m fortunate enough to have a good little stash of other tops, so it’s definitely in the ‘things I don’t need to buy’ category. But maybe just one…and I’ll make it black or white, so it’s nice and plain so I can spice it up with accessories.


Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Old Navy (maternity), Shoes: Old Navy, Necklace: Cookie Lee

Goodness, I swear I’m not sponsored by Old Navy…just a coincidence! :)


Also, another said point…doing any sort of fun ‘messy’ tucks is kind of impossible with a maternity pant, given the ‘panel’ and all. Ahhh, so my challenge begins to find new and different ways to mix things up. Shall we learn together?!!


Clique ‘hold the belly pose’ here. I only did this because I am six months TODAY in this photo. A benchmark I felt like remembering with a photo!

20130731-211009.jpgSeriously people..those buttons can’t stretch any further. EK!!

Dresses are the Best!

I have to admit, this is a pretty stellar season to be growing a baby bump. Dresses are awesome. I honestly ask myself why I don’t wear them more!? I’m a little bit at that in-between stage though. I can still wear non-maternity options from my current closet, but they are starting to get a little short (especially in the front, duh!). But maternity dresses just seem really big and wiiiiiide. This will be nice as I grow out more, but it looks a little off in the meantime.

Here are some fun ones I’ve been wearing lately!


Dress: Old Navy, Blazer: JCP, Shoes: Von Maur


Here I am dressing up this otherwise casual dress for work, by adding a blazer.


But without, it’s the perfect little summer dress for a night out with friends!


AND, it’s baby bump friendly! :)

Here is another fun little dress. This lovely group of ladies and I are enjoying an awesome night at a local winery. We try to get together once a month to take a break from….life!

1081937_10101607299964929_661178357_nDress: Target

photo (2)

Dress: Target (actual maternity dress), Cardigan: Express, Shoes: Aldo

Here is my lovely Sister-in-Law. We are BOTH rockin’ the preggo bellies and comfy and cute maxi dresses.

I certainly plan to take these dresses, and this comfort, in to the fall as baby continues to grow. That’s what leggings are for! Pregnant or not…it’s a great way to stretch your summer wardrobe into the fall months!

This Shirt’s Got Back

I love a fun shirt! I’ve moved more towards having solid staples in my closet over the years, as they last longer and of course can be spiced up with scarves, layered looks and jewels. But a fun shirt full of pizzazz all on its own is still fun! Just don’t let yourself fall too far in that trap of “but I remember wearing that here, or there.” Okay, maybe that’s just a note for me!? :)

This shirt is what I deem a mullet shirt. See, it’s all business in the front…


Shirt: JCP, Jeggings: Old Navy, Shoes: Vanity

And party in the back…!



Throw in a little hair swing for fun!!


These little blue beauties were $20 from Vanity a few years back. They complete my rainbow of colors, that’s for sure!

Happy Monday all, make it a great week!

One Maxi – Two Ways

I love the versatility of maxi skirts. They are a great weekend go-to, but can totally work in the office as well. Here are two recent looks I’ve put together.

Sweet and simple and all tucked in:

Shirt: Gap, Skirt: Maurice’s, Earrings: Brighton

Nevermind the awkward smile and foggy photo…I have one word for you: humidity!!

Official, ‘show off the bump’ pose!

Now here layered over top:

Shirt: H&M, Tank: Express, Skirt: Maurice’s, Belt: NY&C

Have you rocked a maxi lately? What’s your favorite way to style it? This piece is sure to carry me in to the Fall, it’s perfect with boots, jackets, sweaters and more! Not to mention bump-friendly!! :)

New Accessory – The Belly Band!

So the time has come, I can no longer button a majority of my pants. Or at least to the point of comfort. Many ladies I know that have been pregnant gave me this great advice: don’t fight the growing belly. Fair enough, right? So away goes buttoning pants, and in comes the belly band. I’ve heard many women say that you either love them, or hate them. I actually feel like I’m somewhere in the middle. Perhaps my opinion will change as my belly grows. As of now, I find it gets a bit tight after some time (dislike), but I am able to stretch the life of my regular clothes (like). Especially shorts and skirts. Those are items of clothing I don’t feel like spending money on since I know the need for them is so short lived, and I already have a jean stash to turn to come Fall (and a bigger belly!).


Skirt: Old Navy, Shirt: J.Crew, Shoes: Payless

IMG_5013 IMG_5020

Curious as to what it all looks like underneath!? Ready…wait for it….


Boom! It’s like Spanx…but for your baby belly! :)


I’ve always loved these cute little open-toed Mary Jane’s. Happy summer feet!