Summer Highlights!

Remember when I said I was taking the summer off and would have more time to blog? Yup, epic fail. Turns out, I really just enjoyed…summer. I sit at a desk all day and turns out, it’s not what I feel like doing when I’m home at night. So, my apologies for being so quite.

That said, I did just put together a fun Shutterfly book of our summer-o-fun. I truly enjoyed having Smith this age (6-9 months) over the summer months. Words can’t express the love we have for this little man.

So, go ahead and check out Summer highlights by checking out the book here.


Cheers to a fabulous summer and a great fall ahead!

30 Rules for 30 Years!

Do you have one of those friends that is super creative? And thoughtful? And simply fantastic? I’m so happy and honored to say that I do. She gave me an awesome present for my 30th birthday, so it was only fair to channel my inner creative instinct to give her something even half as cool. So what did I do? I cheated and looked online for some ideas. And since I found them so helpful, I thought I would post what I ended up creating. Perhaps I’ll help someone else! The theme: 30 Rules. (Because a whopping 7 months in, I have to agree, it kind of does! :))


#1 – Celebrate! Cheers to 30 years! (tequila shot)
#2 – Don’t celebrate too hard, you aren’t 21 anymore! (Advil)
#3 – Accept, Relish and Enjoy your awesomeness. Because you are…(30 compliments)
#4 – Moisturize. Your skin is your largest organ, take care of it! (lotion)
#5 – Travel. Big or small trips, keep your sense of adventure alive. (“Oh the Places you’ll go” pencils)
#6 – Try. You can’t win if you don’t play! (lotto ticket)
#7 – You can never have enough bags. (cosmetic tote)
#8 – Seriously. Ever. (large tote. “What the French Toast”)
#9 – Don’t take life too seriously. (referencing the tote saying!)
#10 – Accessorize. PS-babies pull hoops, studs are your friend! (stud earrings)
#11 – Wear sunscreen (see #4). (Sunscreen)
#12 – Pamper yourself. (nail polish)
#13 – Life is messy, be prepared. (wet wipes) 
#14 – It’s okay to have a good cry. (Hope Floats)
#15 – Always make time for stories. (baby bedtime book)
#16 – Get organized. (to-do notepad)
#17 – Cook more. And then share the goodies. (favorite recipe) 
#18 – #18 – Visit friends. (photo of our trip to WI)
#19 – Expand your vocabulary. (thesaurus)
#20 – You’re never too old for fun socks! (polka dot socks)
#21 – Bribery works. (stickers for impending potty training days!)
#22 – Silly things seem really cool these days. (sunglasses/car clip)
#23 – Multi-task. (Scarf – warmth, style, nursing cover, blanket)
#24 – Snacking is your friend. (popcorn)
#25 – Keep Dancing! (iTunes gift card)
#26 – Breakfast is a perfectly acceptable dinner! (Cinnamon Toast Crunch – bonus, created in 1984)
#27 – Carry more cash. You save more that way. ($1 bill)
#28 – Coffee rocks. (Starbucks gift card)
#29 – Spend EXTRA time with those you love, doing what you love. (EXTRA gum – bonus, created in 1984)
#30 – There is ALWAYS room for cake! (Funfetti cake mix)

  IMG_6533 IMG_6534

To My Husband

Happy Father’s Day to my husband! I’ve loved you for seven years and in that time we’ve been through a lot. We’ve traveled, gone to concerts & shows, graduated college(s), gotten married, celebrated many birthdays, holidays, marriages and other fun occasions. And through all that fun, I knew what I was I was looking forward to the most was seeing you become a Dad. You just had that…thing, where I knew you would be amazing and some kiddo(s!) would be so loved and enjoyed by you as their Dad. And here we are 6.5 months in and we make quite the team!

So with that, thank you. Thank you for staying home with me those first two weeks. Thank you for waking up and doing diaper changes while I got ready to nurse. Thank you for still waking up with our man for those nights he just needs to cuddle. Thank you for washing endless pump parts and bottles. Thank you for spending your days off with our man. Thank you for learning the tricks to make Smith belly-laugh. It’s the best sound in the world. Thank you for loving being a Dad. But mostly, thank you for not needing a thank you because, as you say, “Why wouldn’t I do these things? I’m a Dad.” Yes you are my love, yes you are. And a FANTASTIC one at that.

20140615-081346-29626738.jpgIt was love at first hold!

20140615-080031-28831755.jpgSo sweet!

20140615-081348-29628222.jpgHanging at home those first couple weeks.

20140615-081350-29630621.jpgFirst time on the ice with Dad!

20140615-081349-29629386.jpgSmith-Daddy selfie!!

20140615-081349-29629004.jpgCapturing some of those first smiles was so fun.

20140615-080035-28835138.jpgWatching ducks with Dad!

Dear Blog



Hello, old friend! It’s been awhile SIX months since we’ve really caught up.  Truth is, life got in the way. What’s been going on, you ask? Well, let’s see:

  • I had a baby
  • I spent 32 evenings in a classroom working towards my MBA
  • I spent countless hours on homework (see above!)
  • I celebrated the holidays, and birthdays, and retirements
  • I got buried in work
  • I went to Colorado (I actually talked a little about that already, but it was such a highlight it’s worth mentioning again!)
  • I went to Mexico
  • I didn’t blog…

But alas, I am taking the summer off from school! Along with spending extra time with my little man, and getting back to working out, I plan on catching up with blog posts. (I have been taking notes and snapping pictures all along the way, I just haven’t put it all together.)

Some things you can expect to see:

  • Baby posts – I can’t help it. He’s too cute not to write about. AmIRight?!

photo (15)

  • Outfit posts. That’s right, I’m wearing normal clothing again and loving it!
  • Momma posts. I’m just here to share what’s worked for me in hopes it can help another new Mom out there!
  • Life, etc. Trips we’ve taken, celebrations we’ve had, and just the good ol’ normal everyday life I love.

So yes, things will seem outdated and ‘old news’, but this blog has really become my virtual scrapbook. So although it’s old, it’s not to be forgotten!

Stay tuned!!

Hello Wisconsin!!

The hubs and I packed up Smith and hit the road North this weekend, visiting our friends in Wisconsin. They had a sweet baby girl, Maisy, about three weeks after us. My girlfriend and I have shared many, many, many Momma texts in the last six months so it was so much fun seeing our babes meet and play together and to share parenting stories in person.
Here are some photo highlights to share!


We kicked off Saturday morning with a walk to breakfast on the patio. So yummy! The babies slept their way through the event. Can you blame them? A personal bed in the shade!? Notice Smith’s propped leg. Hey, whatever if comfy dude.

20140608-212204-76924689.jpgNext up, we went to their local Farmer’s Market. It was literally the perfect day to enjoy wandering around to all the local vendors. You better believe some cheese sampling happened. Some more than others, *cough*, husband! 20140608-212207-76927233.jpgMyself with the Mieure beauties!!!20140608-212209-76929347.jpgOh, did I mention their market was on beautiful Lake Michigan!? It just added to the perfection we had on this beautiful Saturday!


We even made the time to stop and watch the duckies. Always make time to watch the duckies!!!!20140608-212211-76931080.jpgThe evening ended with a nice dinner at home watching these two little nuggets become friends. Nothing could melt my heart more.

Thank you again so much Tori and Jason for hosting us for the weekend. It was perfection.


Shoe Debut

Happy Easter!
Well, today was a big day folks. Smith wore his first pair of shoes! What were they you ask? A cute little (fake) leather sandal to go with his stellar bow-tie outfit for Easter service and brunch.


We had a great Easter weekend with my husband’s family. But seriously, large human Easter bunnies creep me out. Even Smith is given him the stink-eye!


Smith’s outfit: Target, Shoes: Crazy 8 (second-hand for us!). My look. Shirt: JCPenny, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Shoe Carnival.


My two handsome boys. Such beautiful smiles. Another blessed holiday for me!

Cheers to a great week ahead everyone!

Push Present

Are you all familiar with a “push present”? If not, the idea is: Woman grows and delivers a human, so woman deserves a present. Makes sense, right?!

My husband and I aren’t too big on presents at this point in our relationship, and I’m totally okay with that. We rather spend money on experiences and making fun memories together.

That said, I dropped a PRETTY heavy hint that I would love to have a little something-something to symbolize that I’m a Momma now. Ergo, my new Brighton bracelet!


Original beads include: “Mom”, colored-hearts, large pave, birthstone charm and “S”. (Yes, my husband was prepared and had our girl name initial too. No, I’m not telling you what it was! :))


A special thanks to my Mom for adding in the two spacers and another little bling bead for my birthday!


I love this piece and wear it every day. Thanks husband!