Road Trip

Ahhh vacation! There are only two downfalls: packing and unpacking! I am quite possibly the worlds worst packer. I’m a master at packing all the stuff in the car, I just can never choose what to take and not to take. It’s like walking away from a sad puppy at the animal shelter.
Nonetheless, a holiday weekend is here and up to lake Okoboji we go. My husband’s family has a lake cottage and it’s possibly a bigger holiday to them than Christmas! This works for me, I’ve been a sun goddess and water-skier since the age of 3!
So up and packed is: running gear, bike gear, boat gear, fishing gear, beer and wine, toiletries, ‘normal’ clothes…and of course a shoe bag! Can you spot it?



Precious Cargo

Taking care of your feet is important, after all, they support your whole body!! I often find myself craving a pedicure. There is just something about the shine that you can only get from a salon. I don’t go religiously…but it’s certainly part of my summer routine when it comes time to a long weekend at the lake. And in the winter, it helps pass the blues of winter-blah away! It’s a great way to catch up with a girlfriend or capture some me time.

So in preparation for the 4th of July, I treated myself tonight. I chose O.P.I.’s ‘Big Apple Red’…in honor of the holiday!


What’s in a Name

So there was a time about two years ago when I had this shoe I couldn’t get out of my head once I spotted it. I loved the color and the style so much, but it was $89.99 and I just couldn’t part with the money. It was located at Von Maur and it was an Anne Klein product. I don’t get to Von Maur as much as I’d like (which is really probably a good thing, its my favorite department store!); but one miraculous time I popped in and the shoe was on sale. I was so excited to flip over the shoe and see the new price, only to find it was still $59.99. I was beginning to think I didn’t like the shoe all that much, because that’s a pretty decent price, and certainly a nice discount. But nonetheless I moved on and left the shoe again.

Then about three weeks after my last drool session, my boss came to work wearing MY SHOES! I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had not heard of my story and desire for those shoes, so I filled her in. Talk about shock and envy…she had just bought those shoes the night before for $19!!! I was jealous beyond belief. And of course, she had said she bought the very last pair (8.5, not my size anyways, so I stayed jealous, not hateful!). But now I was determined. I called our local Von Maur to see if they could call around and spot another pair to ship in. And wouldn’t you believe, a lady had returned a pair (8, MY size) 15 minutes before I called saying her daughter didn’t like them like she thought she would. WHOA!!!!!!!!! One person’s trash is another’s treasure I say.

Since that moment, I have called those shoes my 15 minute shoes. Months of envy, weeks of stalking the sale rack to see a decent price and one morning of waiting to make a call and there were all mine, by a 15 minute window of time. And let’s not forget, for only $19.

The 15 Minute Shoe

I haven’t named a pair of shoes like that since. I guess the rest of my shoes are waiting for the story after I wear them.

Story People


High Heels
convinced the thing that separates us from the animals is high heels


I am a big fan of the artist Brian Andreas, creator and master mind behind Story People. Take some time and explore his stories and art at

I receive the ‘Story of the Day’ and it usually comes overnight, so I enjoy reading it as I brush my teeth every morning! I often save them in a folder in my inbox because deleting such beautiful words just seems wrong.


Sole Music

I’m a big fan of music. If you get in my car, you’ll hear a country station. If you look at my Pandora channels, I have Jimmy Buffett, Today’s Hits, Glee Cast and Christmas Music (I swear I only listen to that one about 30 days out of the year!). If you listen to my running play list, you’ll hear a lot of rock and Top 40. My first concert was 98 degrees when I was 14 and I’ve been hooked on a good show ever since. Some of the top concerts I’ve seen are: Incubus, Jimmy Buffett, Aerosmith with KISS, Dixie Chicks and Kenny Chesney.

So I’ve combined my love of music with the subject of my other love; shoes. Sole music if you will…..

1. New Shoes by Paolo Nutini
**This is pretty much my mantra for when I wear a new pair of shoes for the first time.
2. Red High Heels by Kelly Pickler
**Powerful shoes = Powerful attitude!
3. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems by Kenny Chesney
**A must for your summertime playlist.
4. These Boots are Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra
**A classic.
5. Footloose by Kenny Loggins
**I love a good dance tune, and I’m not sure I’m feeling the remake of this classic movie I grew up watching!
6. Boogie Shoes by KC and the Sunshine Band
**I thank my parents often for raising me listening to ‘Sock Hop’ music and appreciating tunes like this.
7. Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley
**A song to the soundtrack of the best made-for-TV-movie ever, Rags to Riches!
8. Low by Flo Rider
**Perhaps a stretch in your mind, but did you NOT see the increase of girls wearing “boots with the fur” after this song!??
9. Shoe Freak by Coco
**The newest shoe jam brought to my attention. It’s as cheesy as they come.
10. Toes
**So this is a song more about lack of shoes, but its an anthem and it deserves to be represented here!



My sister sent me this text pic. How fun that Barbie has it going on thanks to Christian Louboutin?!

Barbie sure has come along way, yet she is as classic as ever. I loved Barbies growing up, it’s safe to say it was favorite toy. I loved the creativity and imagination it helped me discover. You could go from scientist Barbie to teacher Barbie to pageant queen Barbie with the change of an outfit.

The art of playing with a doll and using one’s imagination almost seems obsolete these days with our world of technology. I have moments where I think it’s incredible watching a 3-year-old function and iPhone and think wow, what will MY kids be growing up with?! But there is another part of me, my inner child I guess, that gets sad! Get outside kids, get dirty, play with worms…and Barbies!

Day Dreams

Here are some more shoe closet shots.