How I Got Here

Besides the obvious that I like love shoes, I’d like to think I have a bit more of a connection to the art of shoe-loving and sole-appreciation (I love a good pun).

It all starts with my Grandma Connie. A spunky gal who was one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known. Something that trickled down to my Dad, and I’d like to think me. One of her philosophies was simple; there is nothing more important than a good pair of shoes. She was a nurse and standing for hours on end was part of the job. My Dad is a lineman, so he also requires a very durable, quality pair of shoes. While my job as a fundraiser for a children’s hospital is not nearly as hard on my body, let’s just say I’ve learned that setting up an event is not something you should do in a 3″ heel.

So while my grandmother was referring the quality of a shoe when she called it ‘good’, I’ve come to interpret it a little differently. A good shoe to me is; flat, wedged, a stiletto, strappy, high, colorful, athletic, a boot, studded, glittery, old, new, borrowed, or traded. And sometimes all-together ridiculous (in the best way possible of course!).

So although my grandmother has passed on, her lesson lives through me. And my Dad, it’s debatable who has more pairs of shoes…but he’ll deny that to the core!


2 thoughts on “How I Got Here

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