What’s in a Name

So there was a time about two years ago when I had this shoe I couldn’t get out of my head once I spotted it. I loved the color and the style so much, but it was $89.99 and I just couldn’t part with the money. It was located at Von Maur and it was an Anne Klein product. I don’t get to Von Maur as much as I’d like (which is really probably a good thing, its my favorite department store!); but one miraculous time I popped in and the shoe was on sale. I was so excited to flip over the shoe and see the new price, only to find it was still $59.99. I was beginning to think I didn’t like the shoe all that much, because that’s a pretty decent price, and certainly a nice discount. But nonetheless I moved on and left the shoe again.

Then about three weeks after my last drool session, my boss came to work wearing MY SHOES! I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had not heard of my story and desire for those shoes, so I filled her in. Talk about shock and envy…she had just bought those shoes the night before for $19!!! I was jealous beyond belief. And of course, she had said she bought the very last pair (8.5, not my size anyways, so I stayed jealous, not hateful!). But now I was determined. I called our local Von Maur to see if they could call around and spot another pair to ship in. And wouldn’t you believe, a lady had returned a pair (8, MY size) 15 minutes before I called saying her daughter didn’t like them like she thought she would. WHOA!!!!!!!!! One person’s trash is another’s treasure I say.

Since that moment, I have called those shoes my 15 minute shoes. Months of envy, weeks of stalking the sale rack to see a decent price and one morning of waiting to make a call and there were all mine, by a 15 minute window of time. And let’s not forget, for only $19.

The 15 Minute Shoe

I haven’t named a pair of shoes like that since. I guess the rest of my shoes are waiting for the story after I wear them.


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