He said WHAT?!

I think the saying goes, “pick your battles.” You learn it best when you enter a relationship, and then again when you get married! My husband may disagree, but I would say that my shoe hobby is a habit he doesn’t pick. Sure, he makes his jokes, rolls his eyes at my affection for a beautiful heel…but when it comes down to it, he never tells me I have enough or that I need to stop! 🙂 That’s how I know its love.

There was this one special day, when we were checking out the new Shoe Carnival in town and I spotted a cute little summer casual shoe. And he goes, ‘that shoe is cool, you should try it on.’ So I did and he and I both agreed it was a neat/cute/fun shoe, and a good price. So HE said I should buy it. WHAT!?!?! It was a very exciting moment in our relationship and one I’ll probably never stop gloating about. Truth be told, I could have lived without this purchase and probably would have walked away from the shoe, so I’m pretty sure I bought it because he said so!

The perfect casual summer shoe!


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