Statement vs. Statement

My over-stated chair, with my under-stated shoe!

There are times to make a statement, times to not…and times when you do and don’t event mean to! (okay, enough with the Dr. Seuss rhyming!)

I jumped on the band wagon of purchasing my first nude heel. Quite a tasks since they are everywhere these days and there are so many choices! But now that I own a pair, I understand the hype. They are truly the most go-to shoe a girl can have in her closet. I chose a lower heel in a shiny leather. Thank you Steve Madden. I highly recommend you adding this to your shoe staples; its under-stated in the best way possible. It keeps the focus where you want it, most preferably on a cute dress or a new hair do!

I’ve posed my shoe here with the opposite of a nude heel…a statement chair! This was something I was adamant on having in my living room; despite my husband’s disapproval. To my pleasure, it’s the perfect accent piece to our living room!

A staple every girl needs!


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