Books and Shoes and Wine; Oh My!

Three years ago I was invited to my first Book Club. I was excited for the motivation to get back in to reading, and fun stuff, not textbooks!!!
Our first book was Marley and Me, talk about a tear-jerker! I jumped right in to host the second month, which meant I had the pressure of picking a great book! I choose Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison. It’s a fantastic read, of course, all centered around women bonding over shoes! To add a little fun to our gathering I had all the girls bring their favorite or most meaningful shoe. So fun!! We had wedding shoes, ‘my first real paycheck’ shoes and even an ice skate!

Since then I’ve been hooked on reading and really enjoy it. Here is a small section of my bookshelf.

And the wine portion of my title you ask? Well, we just all like to drink it!! Seems we all prefer white and all really like a good moscato!

What’s a favorite book of yours??



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