Barbie and Ken Tie the Knot!

I have to be honest, I have a bit of mixed emotions about this blog post! I’m a little weirded out that someone spent the time and energy it would have taken to create this photo sequence. That said, it speaks to my two childhood loves: weddings and Barbie’s. And because of that, looking at these photos was a flashback to my youth and for that I am thankful!


Fear and Clothing, Iowa Style

Wow. This lady took everything stereotypical about Iowa and twisted it in the worst possible way. All I have to say is 1) At least we are worth talking about, 2) I’m glad she witnessed the beauty of a sunset…probably something you don’t see in NYC, ever and 3) I can look like a million bucks, without spending it. BOOYAH!!!

Bike to Work

My husband and I bought our first road bikes late this Spring and to say we have enjoyed it, is a total understatement!! We had a really hot July here in Iowa, so I didn’t have many ride-to-work opportunities (it’s an 11 mile ride one way). August has been cooler, so I’ve been making up for lost time. What’s so unique about this you ask? Well, here it goes.

Story 1: Last week I rode my bike three times, on day two I was making my way to the trail and slowed through an intersection. It was a smooth turn with the flow of traffic. Moving right along, I hear a police car siren go off and see a car slow and turn into a side street. I think, ‘Bummer, never a good way to start a work morning.’ Moving along again, I hear the siren once more…I look back and it’s me and the police officer. Must be me I guess!? He gets out and asks me if he knows why I got pulled over. WAIT, what!??? That’s what’s happening here? I’m “pulled over” on my bike? Yes, yes I was. I did not make a complete stop at the aforementioned intersection and apparently, road bikes must adhere to all the same traffic laws. I honestly, had no idea! I did not receive a ticket, it’s the first time I’ve been pulled over and did some ‘sweet talking’ I refused to get a $200 ticket (stop people!!!) on my bicycle. Some friends say I would have just made the story…I think it’s still a great story. And I’ll gladly keep that money in my pocket; or on my feet with new shoes!!

Story 2: I rode my bike again this past week to work and never fear, had some excitement. I have the luxury of having a beautiful trail for over half of my ride, and with that comes Iowa scenery; aka-corn fields and cattle farms. So as I come around a curve approaching a cattle farm, I see two LOOSE cattle on the ‘wrong’ side of the fence, i.e.-the OUTSIDE!! I’m not very graceful with my clips, so I stayed clipped in because I didn’t want to startle them. I could have honestly held my hand out three inches from my bike and touched them. One ran along with me as I pedaled along. As I was finally making my way past them I realized that my backpack (with work clothes) is RED…so I immediately envisioned a charging bull at their red flag. Ugh…I made it by unharmed. Only in Iowa!? Sure…but only to ME in Iowa!

Happy Anniversary!

Wow, its so hard to believe I was marrying the man of my dreams a year ago this weekend. Of course I’m biased, but we truly had the most magical wedding weekend ever! We had a bit of a ‘destination’ wedding up in Okoboji, Iowa. Festivities started Thursday and ended Sunday. We had our closest family and friends there from places as far away as Hawaii and NYC. When planning the colors, I used the beautiful sunsets at the lake as my inspiration, focusing a lot of yellow touches (for the sun itself).
And of course, the SHOES! It was honestly the biggest decision for me! My photographer knew that so she made sure to capture them in all their beauty!!