Bootie vs Booty

Love Fall, love boots. We’ve covered that. But there is also another style of shoe that comes out of my closet this time of year…The Bootie. I describe this as a hybrid between a boot and a heel. Here is one of my favorite pairs I own. Yeah, I said pairs, does that really shock you?!


So what’s the ‘booty’ reference you ask? Well, I’ve always told my husband that he can only make comments on my shoes if they require me to walk like a Velociraptor. You know the look…when girls are forced to stick their butt out because it’s the only way they can actually walk in their shoes…!



Okay, so I never cared a bit about the whole Charlie Sheen debacle back when he went crazy…but loving celebrity buzz like I do, it was hard to avoid it to a certain extent. The one thing I picked up on that I thought was fun was the ‘trend’, “winning.”

My latest #winning moment you ask?! Having a new co-worker (on day three) invite me to lunch AND tell me I have really fun shoes. Ooooooh, she has no idea! I’m just getting started!!!

Goes with the whole “what’s old is new again” thing…starting a new job means my wardrobe is fresh! 🙂

Shoes That = Laundry…

Well I think it’s time to officially say good-bye to wedges and sandals…which isn’t a sad thing, after all, it means it’s boot season!!! But with boots and chilly weather comes…SOCKS!! Ugh! I was doing a load of laundry last night and noticed socks slowly making their way back in the fold piles. I honestly hate folding socks, and seriously, where DO those matches go sometimes?!

They may look fun, but rest assured, they are a pain!!!!


Platforms and Birthday Parties!

Tonight a very special friend of mine celebrated her birthday. My own celebration was breaking out my first pair of platform heels. I figure, I can’t tell a friend ‘you are only as old as you feel’ if I don’t live by the same rules. So considering I am not too old for the extra inches of heel I went for it. Yes, I am aware that I’m very late on this ‘trend’ and it’s ‘on its way out’…but it wasn’t until a good deal [on price] and a pretty shade of blue that I took the plunge.
My thoughts? Not as uncomfortable as you’d think…also not as necessary as you’d like to think!! That said, they look smashing, give me nice long legs and I will certainly sport them again!


As for my friend; happy birthday and cheers to many more years! We have played dress-up, studied hard, played harder, lost time with wine….and I can’t wait to see what happens with those dot, dot, dots. You are truly a gem of a friend and I’ll love you till the end. (Yes, I got sappy with a rhythm, deal with it!)

Hellllo Fall!

I always love knowing what other people love about Fall. It seems to be a favorite, or at least second favorite, season for many people! Take my poll and let me know!