Here Come The HAWKEYES!!

Ahh, Iowa Hawkeye football. There is nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn to enjoy a cold beverage, good food and GREAT friends! My husband and I are fortunate enough to have season tickets to the sport and atmosphere we love so much! It makes saying good-bye to Summer a little easier! Here are my ‘Hawkeye’ shoes. To any other gal in any other part of the country these are probably just her black and gold sparkle shoes….not here my friends. When people see me in these their reaction is always ‘Go Hawks’, indeed my fellow Hawkeye, indeed! It’s kind of like the iPhone ad; if you aren’t a Hawkeye…well you aren’t a Hawkeye!!!
PS- No, I don’t wear these to the actual game/tailgating!! Ha More for luncheons and Friday spirit days at work!!




2 thoughts on “Here Come The HAWKEYES!!

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