Platforms and Birthday Parties!

Tonight a very special friend of mine celebrated her birthday. My own celebration was breaking out my first pair of platform heels. I figure, I can’t tell a friend ‘you are only as old as you feel’ if I don’t live by the same rules. So considering I am not too old for the extra inches of heel I went for it. Yes, I am aware that I’m very late on this ‘trend’ and it’s ‘on its way out’…but it wasn’t until a good deal [on price] and a pretty shade of blue that I took the plunge.
My thoughts? Not as uncomfortable as you’d think…also not as necessary as you’d like to think!! That said, they look smashing, give me nice long legs and I will certainly sport them again!


As for my friend; happy birthday and cheers to many more years! We have played dress-up, studied hard, played harder, lost time with wine….and I can’t wait to see what happens with those dot, dot, dots. You are truly a gem of a friend and I’ll love you till the end. (Yes, I got sappy with a rhythm, deal with it!)


2 thoughts on “Platforms and Birthday Parties!

  1. Ash you are too sweet – thanks for the shout out my friend!! Thanks for helping me celebrate and add to the plethora of birthday celebration memories I have with you! And cheers to many more indeed!

    PS…you rocked the platform heels like a champ, if only my toes were an inch shorter I could take advantage of your vast collection =)

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