See, Told Ya…


On the other hand, this gets me extremely excited to see Wicked in a couple of weeks at the Civic Center!!


Happy Halloween!

This is my first Halloween in our new house and I had a lot of fun handing out candy to the little kiddos in neighborhood! (Thanks for joining me Kinz!)
When it comes to Halloween…and shoes…it’s all about the ruby red slippers!!! Here is a picture of my trip to the Smithsonian in Washington DC last summer, where I stood in line for many minutes to see these famous heels in person. This picture, of course, does no justice. But I was there nonetheless, and they were remarkable!   
Ruby Slippers

Shopping at Disneyland!

No, I didn’t whisk away to Florida this weekend, I went to Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines, Iowa. But according to a famous actress on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; it’s like Disneyland. Check out the clip, around the 3:15 mark!

I was a little slow at the start, but I ended a 12-hour shopping day with my Mom and Sisters with success! I even got a little head start on Christmas shopping for the kids. I’m going for aunt of the year, I got my nephew a Mater pillow pet!! Yesssssss!

Here is my loot! Tough decision…which to showcase first? Well the SHOES of course! If you saw my post a couple of days ago you’ll notice I did indeed choose the “Madee” by Steven.

Just Wow…

So I’m out shopping (I’ll report more later!) and I see something FAR worse than sequined UGGS…I see a rep for UGG bedazzling!!! So have no fear my friends, you can stick with just a plain ol’ UGG and tattoo them yourself. I can’t even talk about it anymore…see for yourself!



And oh yeah, there was a line!!!!!

We Called Each Other…

You’d think my co-worker and I called each other with our looks today…sweater with a skinny jean and grey boot. But what’s great about fashion?! Outfits can have the same elements, but totally different vibes. It’s simply a difference of suede vs. leather! Oh yeah, and the people rocking’ it too!!


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My Shopping Wish List

I’m hitting the ‘big’ mall this weekend and have my list in hand ready to go. And although it’s in list format, it’s really a wish list. Amongst the items are three shoes I want…need…CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT!!! But when it comes down to it, I must choose (damn water heater that needed replacing this week!). HELP ME!!

10 Shoes Every Women Should Own

Shockingly enough, I am one short on this list!!

1. Nude Peep Toe Pumps (Mine aren’t peep toe, but I count them anyways)
2. Black City Boots
3. Ballet Flats
4. Wooden Platform Sandals
5. Canvas Sneakers
6. Black Pumps (times 10!) ha
7. Metallic Sandals (here is where I’m short. Guess no shoe collection is ever quite complete!)
8. Suede Booties
9. Flat Leather Sandals
10. Gorgeous Work of Art Shoe that Makes You Happy

Click here to see the complete slide show, thanks Glamour Fashion!