Caution: Men at Work!

I’m a couple of weeks in to my new job and it’s going great! One difference (among many!) to note is that I now work with men. My old office consisted of 6-8 women and most of my daily contacts were women (how do we honestly not run the world yet!?). Not only do I work with men…but engineers. I’ll leave it at that; I’m not looking to get on any bad sides here!

That said, I was sporting the little ensemble below. Do I like posting photos of myself? No, not really…but it makes the story better, I promise!

So this is what I’m wearing. You’ll notice the rockin’ platforms I’ve mentioned before. I call them a beautiful cobalt [blue]. One of my male co-workers, during a meeting, points out, “Those are some shoes you’ve got there…(thanks, I think…it takes talent to wear these babies, I assume that’s what he’s referencing!?!!)…what are they like purple?” OHHHH, boys!! The fashionista in me giggled…purple!? Girls don’t use words like purple, or blue, or red…it’s lavendar or cobalt or cherry red. Then my boss pops in…”Should I wear my jeans like that to show off my boots?” I say, “Sure, if you want to be a hipster!” Luckily, they got the reference and laughed with me. Maybe this will work out nicely….I get to learn about technology so I can keep up with my in-laws (engineers!)…and everyone else can learn that cobalt is way more than a boat.


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