New York City, Part I

This is the story of my trip to New York City. My husband (at the time boyfriend!) and I went to NYC in mid-December to visit his best friend a couple years ago to take in the sites of the city and attend Santacon. Silly me, thought we’d actually catch a show, maybe a carriage ride through Central Park…you know, New York things. Reality: I was in the city with two males, mid-twenties and best friends that hadn’t seen each other for months…That said, we did manage a little bit of city-walking; checking out all the holiday displays at places like Macy’s, Rockafella Plaza, Lord and Taylor, etc. The picture above was a big highlight for me…Bryant Park, where the magic of fashion happens! Notice my cute little fushia suede boots. These boots were cheap and did not hold up in the New York winter rain (note the umbrella!). I’m talking real cheap, soaking wet, drenched socks…you get the idea. I honestly could not continue the day as I was…so seconds after this picture was taken, I requested a quick detour back to the Payless Shoe Store we passed so I could buy something new…dry socks and ‘rain’ boots. Yes, Payless…I stuck with what I knew!

To be continued…


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