New York City, Part II

So I’m in NYC and my shoes of choice just couldn’t hold up with the rain. So in efforts to put a little pep back in my step, I bought a new pair from Payless (and dry socks, Lt. Dan was right…keep your feet dry!). Wowza…I was back! I was ready to continue to conquer New York City!

THE Payless boot (much cuter on/in person I have to say!

After a few hours of roaming the streets, I had passed 1000000s of stores I was dying to go in to; but a reminder; I’m with two mid-20 year old men. So I shed a little tear inside but continued enjoying the day and simply taking it all in. But then we came to it…Jimmy Choo. I needed my girl moment and this was the store!! I politely asked the boys to give me 5 minutes and they politely agreed. (It’s not like I was going to buy anything, I just wanted to see/touch/feel the Choos!!!) So in I went and it was glorious, a nice sales woman asked if I needed any help and I said no thank you…I just needed my fix and I’d be on my way.

And then it happened, she complimented my boots and asked where I got them. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I’m a small town girl, drooling in a Jimmy Choo store and I am trapped!!!! I contemplated lying. I thought about running out the door and never looking back. I toyed around with asking for a size to distract her from the question. But then I fessed up, “Payless,” I said. “No freakin’ way, she said. I’d give you Nine West, but Payless!?”

So there you have it, my theory is complete. It doesn’t matter if you wear Jimmy Choos, or just drool over them…a cute pair of shoes is a cute pair of shoes.

Just make sure they are waterproof if you are walking through the rain!


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