Las Vegas: Labels and Love

So back to Vegas. Ahhh, the shopping and the shops! The shopping was everywhere of course and the “shops” were the big-wig stores I long from afar (Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, etc…!) .

While wandering around Cesar’s Palace we passed Malano Blahnik; a clean and quite store…no need to jazz it up, the shoes take care of that all by themselves. Conveniently, the hubs needed a restroom stop near by. I told him he could find me at Malano’s. I said it just because I could! I quickly joined me as I finished up touching about every single pair on display. I was also enjoying eavesdropping a conversation between a couple in the store. She was trying on this doosey of a shoe:

The price tag on these bad boys?? I mere $1225. According to the store clerk, they couldn’t keep these in stock. The lady could agree why…’they are stunning.’ (Honestly, these really aren’t of my taste, but I can’t disagree that they feel like liquid gold in your hand!) Her husband/sugar daddy jumped in to say, “This is ridiculous, these cost more than my first car!” The lady beams and says, “But look where you are now honey.”

I was pulled out of the store before I could see if the transaction was complete…I hope she got her Cinderella moment!

Me on the other hand? I was perfectly content walking away with my Prince Charming, Malano free.


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