It’s homecoming for my alma mater, The University of Iowa, this weekend! I’m going to enjoy the parade and game in full Black and Gold glory!

It seems like the appropriate time to reflect on my amazing college experience. Here is my (random and no where complete!) Top Ten Highlights:
1. The campus. It’s beautiful!
2. Courses In Common. Where I meet my best friend ever and figured out how to study.
3. Dance Marathon. The best student org to be apart of, hands down!!
4. Bar Crawls. Back when you could have the name of the bar on your shirt and could walk around with your own cup.
5. Joe’s Place. Tuesday’s with Lagneaux, ’nuff said!
6. Hillcrest. West Side for life.
7. The library. Trust me, it was the place to be.
8. Never learning the Cambus. I could always walk faster anyways!
9. My Internship. I learned skills that I still use today, and meet my mentor that anyone would be lucky to have.
10. Football Games. Drinking a beer at 6am? Sure! On maybe three hours of sleep? Why not! Making it on time to hear Back in Black? Always!!
*Randoms I can’t ignore: roommates, meeting my husband, the Fight Song, Pokey Sticks and dancing like crazy at the Field House.

Okay, I’m done. I think. For now!!!

And for kicks, three things I wish I would have done:
1. Studied abroad at some point.
2. Skipped studying for that Modest Mouse concert at the IMU.
3. Stayed an extra semester to turn that Business minor in to a Marketing (double) major.


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