Fashion Pet Peeves

I try my best to not be a negative Nancy, but sometimes I just have those moments (okay, sometimes days…I’m only human!). Today, a lot of my ‘urks’ were from, oddly enough, my clothing! Let’s start with what I was wearing, looks normal enough, right!? Well here it goes….things that drove me nuts today….

1. Hanger “Nubs” – You know, when you take a garment off a plastic hanger and there are little nubs in the shoulder area!? I hate that!! I got these awesome hangers as a wedding present, but I just don’t have enough…so some of my clothes still have to suffer! Note to self, buy more awesome hangers!
2. Static Cling – The problem with a knit dress and tights is static cling. I know, I know, wear a slip. But my tights go higher than my slip, so then the slip falls down and peaks out from under my dress. So I am forced to have static cling.  Note to self, suck it up and wear the damn slip.
3. Snagging Tights – Ugh, I was wearing a brand new pair of tights today and as I got up from my desk this afternoon, I snagged them. Luckily, I always carry clear nail polish with me, so I could fix it quick. But still, UGH! Thanks to self, good job on having clear polish all the time.

Now that I got that off my chest, I’m happy to realize that if those aforementioned things are the ‘worst’ part of my day, I’m a pretty lucky gal. So to end on a happy note, I’ll share a close up of this smashing scarf!!


Hallmark, You Think of Everything

I enjoyed setting up our first official Christmas tree this weekend with my husband and our new house (well, it’s almost been a year, but it’s new to the holiday season)! It was fun putting on the ornaments that I’ve collected since my first Christmas up to the ones my husband and I have gotten on our travels. The lighting isnt’ the greatest, but here is our masterpiece!

Merry Christmas!

I know it’s not fair to pick favorites, but when it comes to the ornaments, I did. And the funny thing about it, I actually got this ornament twice the year Hallmark released it! One from my Mom and one from a dear friend. One is safe in my Christmas box, the other sits out year around in various places around my closet/dresser/vanity because it’s so fun!

Could you imagine waking up to fabulous stilettos all around your tree!? It’d be dream come true!

#24: Personal Car Washer

As I close out my Thanksgiving list, I end with my Dad. Once deemed “The Hulk” by my high school friends; is the biggest softy I know. He was blessed with three daughters and we even had a female dog for 13 years. To say he was out-numbered was an understatement! My Dad is the hardest working person I know. He cooks (so well!), he bakes (one word: fudge), he cleans, he buys my Mom jewelry every holiday and he brings home the bacon; literally and figuratively! It’s safe to say he set the bar high when it came to finding a husband! But what I’ve realized in the last year of being a homeowner and spouse is that my Dad didn’t teach me to find some one like him, he’s taught me to be like him. And for that, I honestly couldn’t be more thankful.

I also thank my Dad for showing me that hard work pays off. Being smart about your money, is well, smart. And, as I’ve mentioned before, a good pair of shoes is really important. See how smart he is!? He also taught me that doing it your way is the best way and no one else can quite do it as good…wait, is that a good quality? Eh, I guess some times the quirks move through the generation too! (Nicole, I know you are laughing here!)

Wedding Day!

My final Dad story is about car washing. My Dad always told my sisters and I to wash our cars, so we did. But I/we never seemed to do it quite right (see above!); so I learned the trick. I’d wait until about 10 minutes before he’d get home from to work to get started…then he’d come home to see my in action…but also to take over and finish it “right.” Now that he has his shed; I just ask him to do it and he gladly agrees. If it’s nice, my Mom and I suntan and drink a beer. If it’s cold out, we sit in the shed and drink a beer. It works quite well.

Perfect Moment with Dad!

#23: Call Me When You Get Home Safe

I think I’ve heard that a million times, but I love it because it means that for whatever reason, for however long, and wherever it may have been…I was with my Mom.

I’m thankful for my mom and the unconditional love she provides to our whole family. Sometimes, I don’t know how she does it! She remembers everything, never missed a sporting or academic event growing up…even when she had three jobs to pay my sister’s college tuition (two girls in school at one time, EK! Luckily she had a bit of break before my turn!). Thanks for that, too, by the way! She also doesn’t require sleep. Seriously, it’s amazing. One more beer, one more hand, one more chore…she’s non-stop. And wouldn’t you know, you wake up to fresh coffee cake. I’m constantly working on becoming more domesticated like her, it’s a slow process but I’m getting there.

I guess that’s why they say your job as a Mom is never done. Luckily for me, my Mom never quits. Thanks Mom, for everything.

#22: My J-O-B

Work hard and play harder, right!? Well lucky for me my work is fun, challenging and full of learning and opportunity! I’m still the new girl, relatively, at the media technology start-up company I work for, but I feel very fortunate and thankful to work along such visionaries and talent.

Here is our staff photo, we may be small in numbers; but trust me when I say…we are mighty!

Team Syncbak!

#21: My Education

I’m thankful for my education. Not only was my experience at The University of Iowa and incredible one full of friendships, hardships, memories and fun (Go Hawks!); but it was full of education, both inside and outside the classroom, that has helped shape who I am today.

I was a Communications major and also earned a Business minor. I’m thankful for all that I learned and am still able to use today. I also plan on going back to school for my MBA in the near future. Where else would I choose, but of course, The Tippie School of Management at The University of Iowa. To be continued on that matter…!

#20: My Philanthropic Spirit

I’m thankful that I was exposed to philanthropy at such an impressionable age, college! I was a part of an organization on campus called Dance Marathon, which is a student-run organization on college campuses around the country that raise money for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Giving feels good…and I like that warm-fuzzy feeling. I’m thankful that I’m at a place where I can give back. And I’m happy to support a place I hope I never need, but am sure glad it’s nearby; University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

My Exec Year Toteboard!