#12: Crap! I Forgot My Phone!

Call me a typical Generation Y-er…but I am thankful for my phone. More specifically, my iPhone. Let’s face it, the iPhone. I went to Wicked today with my Mom and Sisters and I forgot my phone in the car. I was lost….how could I check in on FourSquare at the Civic Center? How could I update my status so everyone knew what a fun day I was having? How could I Tweet at intermission with how great the show was and how much I was looking forward to the second act!?? Ahhh…the sorrow!

Have no fear, I managed just fine. I even found time to read the program and catch up with my family…what a concept! 😉

That said…I honestly love my iPhone and I’m thankful that I’m fortune enough to have one to call my own.


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