#14: Okoboji

I’m thankful for my memories, love, and enjoyment that comes from a little lake in good ol’ Iowa called Okoboji. And lucky me…I married a man with that same admiration. I’m fortunate too, my husband’s family has a cottage up on the lake. We have successfully crammed 15 people in one room for sleeping…but the closeness is what makes it fun!

This is the place where I learned to ski, played Around the World ping-pong tournaments, rode the roller coaster a million times the summer I was finally tall enough, put on talent shows,  ‘teen-danced’ at Murphy’s, spent endless hours on the dock, played softball in the lake, memorized Grease and Ace Ventura,  stole beers from my parents (sorry Mom!), cruised the loop, went skinny-dipping for the first time, stayed up too late, bonded with my in-laws (I never knew there was shopping in Boji until I hung out with my mother-in-law and aunts-in-law!), got engaged, and got married.

I’m thankful that I have this place in my life, but I’m also thankful because it’s taught me that you don’t always have to go on the fanciest of vacation in places far away. All you really need are the key ingredients to enjoy yourself: good company, good beer and a lot of sunshine!!

My Paradise


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