#15: Call Me the Outlaw

I am so thankful for my In Laws. To say I lucked out is an understatement! I knew we were going to get along great when my mother-in-law referred to me as her daughter-in-law with just months of dating her son. Either she knew her son better than he knew himself, or she was just wishing! ūüôā Regardless, four years later we are¬†officially¬†bonded by name! ¬†I love our time together and am fortunate they live just a town away. Granted they are some of the busiest people I know, so we don’t see each other as nearly as often as we’d like. But it’s nice to know we’re close.

My extended in-law family is great as well. Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins…holidays and weekends at the lake are a treat! We never seem to have enough wine to keep up with all the¬†conversation!



4 thoughts on “#15: Call Me the Outlaw

  1. We love you too! From my perspective it is GREAT to have daughter-in-laws! I can’t tell you how many of my friends say how LUCKY we are!

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