#24: Personal Car Washer

As I close out my Thanksgiving list, I end with my Dad. Once deemed “The Hulk” by my high school friends; is the biggest softy I know. He was blessed with three daughters and we even had a female dog for 13 years. To say he was out-numbered was an understatement! My Dad is the hardest working person I know. He cooks (so well!), he bakes (one word: fudge), he cleans, he buys my Mom jewelry every holiday and he brings home the bacon; literally and figuratively! It’s safe to say he set the bar high when it came to finding a husband! But what I’ve realized in the last year of being a homeowner and spouse is that my Dad didn’t teach me to find some one like him, he’s taught me to be like him. And for that, I honestly couldn’t be more thankful.

I also thank my Dad for showing me that hard work pays off. Being smart about your money, is well, smart. And, as I’ve mentioned before, a good pair of shoes is really important. See how smart he is!? He also taught me that doing it your way is the best way and no one else can quite do it as good…wait, is that a good quality? Eh, I guess some times the quirks move through the generation too! (Nicole, I know you are laughing here!)

Wedding Day!

My final Dad story is about car washing. My Dad always told my sisters and I to wash our cars, so we did. But I/we never seemed to do it quite right (see above!); so I learned the trick. I’d wait until about 10 minutes before he’d get home from to work to get started…then he’d come home to see my in action…but also to take over and finish it “right.” Now that he has his shed; I just ask him to do it and he gladly agrees. If it’s nice, my Mom and I suntan and drink a beer. If it’s cold out, we sit in the shed and drink a beer. It works quite well.

Perfect Moment with Dad!


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