Fashion Pet Peeves

I try my best to not be a negative Nancy, but sometimes I just have those moments (okay, sometimes days…I’m only human!). Today, a lot of my ‘urks’ were from, oddly enough, my clothing! Let’s start with what I was wearing, looks normal enough, right!? Well here it goes….things that drove me nuts today….

1. Hanger “Nubs” – You know, when you take a garment off a plastic hanger and there are little nubs in the shoulder area!? I hate that!! I got these awesome hangers as a wedding present, but I just don’t have enough…so some of my clothes still have to suffer! Note to self, buy more awesome hangers!
2. Static Cling – The problem with a knit dress and tights is static cling. I know, I know, wear a slip. But my tights go higher than my slip, so then the slip falls down and peaks out from under my dress. So I am forced to have static cling.  Note to self, suck it up and wear the damn slip.
3. Snagging Tights – Ugh, I was wearing a brand new pair of tights today and as I got up from my desk this afternoon, I snagged them. Luckily, I always carry clear nail polish with me, so I could fix it quick. But still, UGH! Thanks to self, good job on having clear polish all the time.

Now that I got that off my chest, I’m happy to realize that if those aforementioned things are the ‘worst’ part of my day, I’m a pretty lucky gal. So to end on a happy note, I’ll share a close up of this smashing scarf!!


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