That’s Tight!

Let me first clarify that for whatever weird reason, I despise pantyhose (although I break down and wear them because I’m a classy lady)…but I love tights. How does that even make sense!? As with many things, I suppose it’s because they are simply more fun. Here is a photo of my ‘tight’ drawer. Yes, a whole drawer. A bit in my defense…it’s the perfect size drawer for just this product. Not much else would fit as well!

I think tights are a great way to spice up your winter wardrobe. I can only wear pants so much before I get bored. It’s a great way to help bring those summer and spring dresses in to the winter and fall months too. Essentially, a $4 pair of tights can great 10 new outfits! Here is a nice cozy pair I sported this week:

We aren’t getting any ‘real’ snow here in Iowa, so I figured I might as well wear the snow! Ooooh, and cute boots too, right?!


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