Ain’t That A Shame

If you started singing the song by Fats Domino when you saw this blog post, we should be instant friends. I grew up listening to the American Graffiti soundtrack, where great songs like this were played non-stop as we camped, boated and baked in the sun at High Lake.

But this is not about 1950’s music; this is about the shame of hiding a fantastic boot under a pair of pants. You see, I pulled out my blue corduroy pants the other day and needed a great shoe to give a pop of color and add the necessary height so the pants wouldn’t drag. The shoe that fit both criteria were my new Nine West beauties. I eyed these babies for two weeks at Von Maur and finally pulled the trigger after they went down 50%. So here is what I’m talking about:

This look totally works and looks great. But the shame is what’s hidden underneath! See:

BOOM!!! How stellar are these!? Don’t worry…I’ll post again when I rock these babies with a skirt or over leggings.


2 thoughts on “Ain’t That A Shame

  1. Stunningly stylish shoes – I ADORE these, they are a beautiful style & very versatile!

    I also feel it is a shame when you have a fabulous pair of shoes to show off & they are hidden by long trousers/jeans, or maxi-dresses! Amazing shoes are meant to be shown-off after all! šŸ™‚

    Stay stylish, xoxo

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