Sneak Peak

I’m so excited to be doing what I’m doing right now! That’s all I’m going to say right now, but I’ll leave you with a teaser….


Oooooh lala!!!!

Stay tuned…


Professionally Functional

Although it was a lovely 56 degrees here today in Iowa, it’s still winter. We still have a couple of months to go of cold weather, slushy messes and sandy sidewalks; which means a few more weeks until flats and peep toes can make it back in to my daily wardrobe.

As I prepare to make my way back to the 8-5 grind, I wanted to evaluate all the shoes I have that are both professional and functional during these winter months.

Here is my a snap shot of my Top Ten Functionally Professional Shoes:

Left to Right: Steve Madden, Nine West, Newport News, Steve Madden, Guess, Franco Sarto, Candies, Aldo, Steven, Coach

As you can see I have a variety of heel styles, casual, dressy, tall, short, etc. I’d also like to note that each and every one of these would be just as cute under a dress pant, with an ankle pant/legging or with tights.(Okay, except maybe the last pair, they are a bit tennis-shoey for tights!)

Another helpful hint from someone who’s done, literally, heavy lifting with events and such at a job before. If you just can’t give up the power heels when you are rockin’ a presentation, meeting or luncheon…don’t hold back! But for goodness sake, bring a pair for set-up and tear-down. You don’t want to look constipated giving a speech because you feel a blister coming on!

28 Going On 12

In order to squeeze every ounce of birthday fun out that I could, I deemed Friday night my birthday party with some friends. Activity of choice? Bowling of course; just like I did for my 12th birthday!! It’s honestly some great good ol’ fashion fun. If you haven’t dusted off your bowling skills recently, I highly recommend it!!

And of course….the shoes!! Honestly, I can’t even let myself think about how many feet have been in each pair. But at least they spray them, right!? EK!!!!

Just remember socks!!!!!!

I’m a Thong

My friend Liz has a beautiful blog, Sprinkle Joy. This week she posted a fun quiz, “What Decade Are You?” I took it and found out that apparently I belong in the 50’s. This doesn’t totally surprise me since I grew up listening to American¬†Graffiti! I naturally searched around the quizzes looking for something in relation to shoes. So here it goes, “Which Shoe Are You?”

Although high heels are a close second, I’m a Thong (seriously, could we use ‘flip-flop’?!):¬†You are very carefree, enjoy being around large groups of people and fun. You love the beach or just chilaxing. However, you may be reckless. You love the sun and have a great temper.

Which are you? Take the quiz and share!

Because She Said So, That’s Why!

As mentioned, I had a lovely birthday this week. My parents sent me a Visa gift card (best gift ever!), so I called to say thank you and my Mom and she said that no matter what I buy, I must top it with a pair of shoes. Ummmm, OKAY!!! So here is the winning pair! I actually spotted these Steve Madden wedges months ago at Von Maur but told myself I didn’t need them (see, sometimes I have self-control!). But as I was browsing TJ Maxx, I found these beauties again…marked down TJ Maxx style…then on sale from that; costing only $29.00, for a total savings of 63% from the first time I spotted them!! BOOM! Meant to be!

I mean after all, no matter how old you get, you still need to listen to what you Mom says, right!?!!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I was blessed with many birthday wishes from family and friends near and far all day today. I enjoyed a birthday lunch with my hubby, received lovely cards in the mail; including a present from a friend…shoe clips!!!!! These things are fantastic, they spice up a plain shoe (if you think such a thing exists!) or adds some extra flair just for fun!

I owned a pair before, but the ones from my girlfriend were handmade ( and of course hand-picked. I LOVE them! Here they are on display to give you an idea on how to wear them.

Here is a close up, SOOO pretty! And if you are curious on ‘how they work’, check out the clip on the back. Yes…that easy!!

I rounded out the day with a movie matinee (Extremely Loud and Incredible Close) and some mall-wandering with my BFF. I have some gift card money burning a hole in my pocket! Did anything make the cut!? Hmmm…stay tuned tomorrow to find out!