Retirement Preview

Well today marks the two-week point of being…laid off, let go, unemployed, etc…all those terms sound so…Debby-Downer, so I like the mentality my husband created; getting a preview of retirement. A lot more uplifting, wouldn’t you agree?

So, here is what I’ve learned from not having an 8am-5pm commitment and about searching for your next big career:

1. Keep a normal routine. This includes, getting dressed every day (you know how easy it would be to lounge in sweats all day!?), leaving the house (who doesn’t love a good coffee shop!?) and keeping consistent with bedtimes (cheesy, but true!)!
2. Network, Network, Network! Dig out old business cards, reach out via social media, old acquaintances, etc.
3. Take some time and really think about what it is you want.  It’s a lot easier to look for what you want, when you know yourself!
4. Don’t rush in to decisions. I did this. I call it my morning-after panic! I rushed to the mall to find a part-time job at a retail store (something you could guess from my blog, I would actually enjoy!!). Doing so wasn’t necessarily bad, doing it so quickly was.
5.  Remind yourself, looking for a full-time job IS a full-time job. Never lose focus.
6. Don’t burn bridges! My first calls were two my two former managers. This goes for employers too! I received a call from a client from my last position (the start-up company I worked for).  I’m simply referred him to contact one of my former co-workers, but then before hanging up, he asked me “if everything was okay.” Whoa!!! Imagine the power that was just put in my hands! But considering my former company let me go with respect and well-wishes, I had nothing bad to say!
7. No matter how much time you have on your hands, working out still takes motivation and cleaning your house still sucks — note to self.
8. Perhaps most importantly, Attitude is Everything!

**A special shout-out to my husband. He is simply awesome. He keeps me laughing and is my biggest support and motivation to find my next job and that it may be the best one yet!


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