Mark Down Wednesday

Wanna know something TOP secret!? Every Wednesday is Markdown Day at Von Maur. Shhhh, don’t let them know I told you! Okay, so maybe it’s not top-secret, maybe it’s actually public knowledge that they even tweet about every week (@Von_Maur)….but honestly, not a lot of people know about it. So here I am, spilling the beans.

I am not a huge department store fan, I get overwhelmed with how they are laid out most times. Von Maur is by far my favorite. I follow their layout and always know where to go first, their shoe closet full of clearance items! Learning their little secret was a great trick to saving some money while shopping the trendy styles, classic staples and again…an amazing shoe closet, did I mention that!? 🙂

Here is a quick glance at some of their items on sale today. Now get out there and get your sale on (and avoid Tuesdays…wait a day and save!).


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