It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….Winter!

Well, I thought this would be a post way back in November, but here it is, January 12 and snow has officially made an appearance in Iowa. So let’s talk appropriate footwear. Fashion opinion aside, Uggs are not appropriate in this weather. Here is why:

This is not a product of photoshop friends, this is a product of a boot that can’t handle a little moisture, i.e.-snow, melting snow, ice and water. STAY AWAY!!! Did I mention I also find them UGGly? Personal opinion of course…!

So what do I sport in the winter? This cute, functional and warm Sorel boot:

It was actually an interesting experience when I purchased these boots last winter. I asked the sales lady to help me narrow down choices from her “winter boot display”, so I naturally said I wanted something that was 1)warm 2)waterproof and 3)long lasting. It took a shoe display of about 15 to about 3. Even $200 North Face ‘down’ padded boots were eliminated because they aren’t waterproof. WHAT IS THE POINT PEOPLE!?! Now, I know North Face knows their stuff, so this was shocking to me. Lesson learned: if you want a legit boot to get you through an Iowa winter of snow and slush, make sure it’s waterproof, it’s honestly the key. And if you happen to nail something cute, bonus!!!

Alright Mother Nature, let’s do this!


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