Lazy Sunday Full of Glam

I’m a believer in ‘sweatpants stay at home.’ Even in college, with 8am classes, on the other side of the river…the morning after a friends 21st birthday celebration. I guess for me, I just feel as lazy as I look and I never really ‘wake up.’ That said, every once and awhile, you just need a ‘sweatpant day.’ That was today for my hubby and I! We managed to make some nice meals (okay, he made the meals, I ate them!), got some projects done around the house and treated ourselves to an outing for fountain soda (it’s the little things some times, right!?).


And although I was a lazy bum, I enjoyed living vicariously through the beautiful celebrities who were anything but at the Golden Globes tonight. Ahhh, award season! I enjoyed the show and following the red carpet coverage before and during via Twitter. Check out InStyle’s great coverage of all the fine ladies. Who was your favorite?
My Top 5 Favorites:
Charlize Theron – loved the look head to toe
Claire Danes – loved the black and white pop
Reese Witherspoon – just love her in general, but loved the cut of the dress
Laura Dern – loved the sparkle in the emerald tone
Paula Patton – loved the pop of color (a rarity on the red carpet, nude tones were in!)
*Bonus: Hottest Date – Stacy Kiebler (Clooney’s gal, do you expect anything less? I loved the back!)


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Full of Glam

  1. I always enjoy your posts-got a laugh at your “outing for fountain soda” as this is one of our special treats as well. Hope you are staying warm!

    • Thanks Rachael! What’s your poison of choice? Diet Mountain Dew for me. I know, a dentist’s nightmare! At least I choose diet, right? Also, when is Baby W set to come?! Soooooon, right!? Take Care!

      • Normally I go for diet coke, but diet dr. pepper is huge in Texas and I’m actually kind of addicted now-never used to be able to stand the stuff! Baby dub should hopefully be here soon….I have started dilating, but the baby books indicate I could stay this way for weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed it will be soon! Hope your first night of class went well-very happy for you that you are back to school!!!

      • Thanks Rachael! I feel like the biggest step was just walking in to the room tonight…now it’s just a matter of keep on keepin’ on!! 🙂 Can’t wait for baby news!!!!!!!

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