Check Your InBox

As a resident of the great Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area, I feel as though local retail shops don’t get celebrated nearly enough. I am here to do that! My first shop to highlight is InBox.

Location: 114 S. Clinton Stree, Iowa City
Connect: also on Facebook
Vibe: Trendy, Fashionista, Urban

It’s aptly named InBox because just like your email (or mailbox if you still believe in snailmail!) there is new stuff everyday so you can always find something new. Cool, right!? Stevie is the stylish owner and she does a great job bringing in the top trends at fantastic price points. Items range from $20-80. Here were some of my favorite displays and items:


Sadly, only 6's left!

Neon's are HOTT this Spring!

Cute Valentine Shirt, Note the "I heart U"

Another exciting element to InBox is the expansion on the horizon. Discovering the need for ladies in the area to consign high end merchandise, Stevie has deemed the back corner of her store OutBox, soon to make its way into its own location. As they say, ‘one person’s trash is another’s treasure!’ Here is the selection so far; including a Gucci bag, Cole Haan shoes, Juicy Couture apparel, etc.


All together now....Ahhhhhhh!

You better believe I drooooled over these red sole beauties. These were owned by Stevie herself, but after her daughter was born and her feet grew, she can’t wear them any more. She only got to enjoy them once!! For the record, they are a 6.5, and I still tried them on with high hopes! ha No such luck!


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