I’m a Thong

My friend Liz has a beautiful blog, Sprinkle Joy. This week she posted a fun quiz, “What Decade Are You?” I took it and found out that apparently I belong in the 50’s. This doesn’t totally surprise me since I grew up listening to American Graffiti! I naturally searched around the quizzes looking for something in relation to shoes. So here it goes, “Which Shoe Are You?”

Although high heels are a close second, I’m a Thong (seriously, could we use ‘flip-flop’?!): You are very carefree, enjoy being around large groups of people and fun. You love the beach or just chilaxing. However, you may be reckless. You love the sun and have a great temper.

Which are you? Take the quiz and share!


One thought on “I’m a Thong

  1. I am a Ballet Flat: You are girly, but down-to-earth, & enjoy the simple things in life. You prefer comfort, to just looking good. This is the perfect shoe for you because, they are easy to walk in & you’re always up for a stroll through the mall!

    Fun fun fun 🙂 Converse was a close second and a stilleto came in third.

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