I Want the Fairy Tale

If anyone can pull of a stunning red look, it’s Julia Roberts.

My favorite quote from Pretty Woman is, “Well color me happy, there’s a sofa in here for two!” I assume everyone has one, so please share!! But I digress…I’m here to talk about the over-commercialized holiday of Valentine’s Day. Don’t get my wrong, I’m a romantic…but I don’t agree that there should only be one day to celebrate it, I think it should be celebrated every day!! Regardless, it’s a holiday that’s here to say, so I searched around for five great apparel items to surely meet your needs. Whether you’ll be celebrating a new-found single-hood, a night with the girls, a new flame, a good ol’ date with the hubs, or sitting in class like me (fun!!)…you might as well have a little fun with your look on this day of love!

Helllo Singlehood

Pair with some boots, a belt and blazer…you are set for the market! (Old Navy)

Lovely Ladies Night

So many possibilities with this lacy number. I’d suggest a solid long-sleeve t-shirt underneath with some skinny jeans and heels! (Maurices)

Puppy Love

You are sure to feel as lovely as you look on a hot new date with this little number! (Skimpily Clawd)

The One

Enjoying a little romance with your one in only in this romantic little dress is sure to set the mood. Ohh lala! (Forever 21)

Love to Learn

Or, if you are stuck in the classroom like me…a cute little number to show the world you love love…you can rock a little tee like this! (DIY)


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