Monthly Shoe Clubs – Shockingly Not for Me

Memberships for monthly shoe clubs are becoming the new thing, or rather the old thing, re-invented by a new set of celebrities time and time again., JustFabulous Inc. and…just to name a few. I’m told quite often that I need to join these clubs. I don’t disagree that they are fantastic…for some people. But just not me. Here’s why:
1. I have no problem finding time to shoe shop (these clubs claim being a time saver, as a shoe is sent to your door every month).
2. I don’t have the heart to tell a shoe it’s not for me (you can send them back if you don’t like them, how could anyone do that!?).
3. I don’t like the idea of being categorized based on my ‘shoe personality’ (you miss out on all the options).
4. I don’t need any encouragment! šŸ™‚
And, frankly, I’m just a see, touch and feel kind of girl [insert “that’s what she said” joke].

So on the subject of online shopping in general…I’ve tried really hard to be better, as I know you can get some good deals. But I just don’t like it, and honestly, I’m convinced I’m not even good at it. Case in point; buying a camera bag. (Something that doesn’t even requires sizes!!) I have successfully tried to ‘save money’ by ordering something online, which has turned in to ordering three products which I’ve waited for in the mail to only not like, which means three trips to the post office, and over $20 in shipping said products back. So much for saving money, and I still don’t have a bag. I also attempted to buy a new neck strap [for the camera], which looked really cool and fun on Etsy, but again, I just don’t really like it now that I’m stuck with it. Oooh, and those HotPants I bought and tried out….epic fail! I’ll spare you the details on that one! EK!!

Like it, try it, buy it, enjoy it. That’s MY kind of shopping.

**If you are interested in learning how more women feel about monthly shoe clubs, check out this great article.


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