And the Winner Is…

Ahhh the Academy Awards. I studied for my midterm all weekend so I could relax and enjoy the show last night. It’s not perhaps the most entertaining television, when you compare it to something like the Grammy’s a couple weeks ago. And I have to agree with those that say ‘it’s always the same movie that wins all the awards’, it really does seem that way. That said, I am captivated from the Red Carpet (especially the Red Carpet) until the announcement of Best Picture.

My Best Dress Pick….Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford, hands down. Such perfection!

A very close runner-up in my eye was Michelle Williams. Lovely in Louis [Vuitton]!

Photos Courtesy of Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Such a night of beauty. I was rooting for The Help to win Best Picture, but given how the night was going, I wasn’t surprised it went to The Artist. I’ll be renting that one when it comes out for sure. I’d like to see what all the buzz is about myself!

Until next time Red Carpet….until next time!


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