The Unfashionable DO!

Yes it exists…I call it activewear! 🙂 A tshirt for high school? Eh, just be glad it still fits! A bar crawl shirt from college? Ahhh, memories…who cares!!! Sure, there are super cute “outfits” and girls that (clearly!) put all this effort in to how they look working out. Me? I rather just get out there and DO IT!

And the biggest, most awful unfashionable do…BIKE SHORTS! Gross, you feel like a stuffed sausage. Don’t lie, you know it’s true. I was so against them. Then I bought a bike. Then a rode a bike. Then I understood. Now I own two pairs and don’t ride without them!

But you know what, it doesn’t matter. I’m out there getting active and hopefully reducing the sausage look as much as possible by toning up some muscles! Today, I rode my bike to work and it was fantastic, I hope to do this as many days as possible!!

Here is my unconventional Look of the Day!

Bike: Trek
Top: Race shirt
Shorts: Bike shorts (Scheels)
Sunglasses: Rudy Project
Shoes: Keen (w/ clips)
Watch: Garmin 305


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