The Ghost of St. Paddy’s Past

Who doesn’t love a good flashback moment!? Here’s a look at one of the greatest St. Paddy’s Day celebrations I’ve had to date. It was in 2007 and I was visiting my girlfriend in Chicago. We ventured to Wrigleyville in search for some Irish fun. After quickly realizing it would take hours for our group of 10 to get in anywhere, we decided to make our home at a tequilla bar. GREAT CHOICE!

A real friend...

...dances WITH you on the bar!

I can’t really tell you what I’ve done on the St. Paddy’s days since…but there is always tomorrow! 🙂

PS-A special reason that I thought of this day, in reference to my blog and ‘all things shoes’…I’ll never forget the new boots I bought for this weekend get-a-way…they were SO uncomfortable!! Walking all over the city, standing for the parade…it was awful. This is where I learned to always test a shoe before wearing it extensively!!!


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