High Heel…Weapon!?

You know it’s a slow news day when this is a Top Story (from something that happened four days ago)…

WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — Waterloo authorities say a nightclub doorman has been treated for minor injuries he received when a woman used one of her high-heel shoes to clobber him.
The incident occurred late Saturday night or early Sunday at the New World Lounge II.

A police report says two women paid a cover charge to go into the club. They stayed only a short time and then asked the doorman for a refund as they left. The doorman, 55-year-old Mark Burt, refused. Police say one of the women grabbed money that Burt was holding, but he grabbed it back. That’s when one of the women took off one of her shoes and hit Burt. He was treated at Covenant Medical Center. No arrests have been reported.

Story Source: www.kgan.com

She’s got a pair of heels and she’s not afraid to use them!!! Jokes aside, I’ve always said I wouldn’t be afraid to use a heel if I ever needed to. But that’s more so if I’m getting attacked or something…no mad because I didn’t get my money’s worth at a bar.


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