Western Wear – Gone Bad

As mentioned, my family had a stellar party this past weekend at a Wildwood Western Smokehouse and Saloon and it was blast! If you live in the Eastern part of Iowa, I highly recommend this for your list of ‘places to go!’

Along with the country-western decor, food and music comes the fashion! It’s literally like entering a scene from Urban Cowboy. (While you are adding things to your lists, go ahead and add that movie to your ‘to watch’ list!)

I couldn’t take my eyes off this attractive lady and how unfortunate her outfit was. I’ll give her that it fits the scene (if we were in the 80s, like Urban Cowboy) and she pulls it off with a nice figure…but MAN, there are so many other outfits that would make her a 10! Ah, bad fashion to good people…it happens too often!

Can you spy Denim Debbie??

To the front

Too the back

Annnd the side!

Having busted out a few of my own dance moves that night…all I can end with is, she must have been SO HOTT in all that demin!! Phew!


2 thoughts on “Western Wear – Gone Bad

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