Color Splash!

So I’ve been digging the whole colored denim trend all Spring. In fact, I bought my BFF a pair for her birthday…in December (She rocks skinny jeans way better than I do.)! But it took me forever to find a pair that I felt looked good on my shape (Fashion Tip #10). I had noticed a lot of other bloggers I follow wearing J Brand, so I gave them a shot. Good news, I liked them!! But whooooaaaa, $180 a pair. Now, I like spending money on a good pair of jeans, don’t get me wrong. But for such a ‘now’ trend and such a bright color!? I just couldn’t pull the trigger. So I kept shopping on and found a winning pair!!

Low and behold, my pretty purple jeans!

The price you ask? A whopping $15 from JCPenny! I just might have to get another color! 😉

Shirt: Gap
Sweater: Target
Belt: NY&Co
Jeans: JCPenny
Shoes: Sperry via Scheels
Jewelry: Cookie Lee
Sunglasses: Ray Ban via McDonald Optical


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