Weekend Shoe Report

I love weekends that have a little mix of productivity, fun and friend/family time!
So here is my weekend shoe report (Left to Right):

My Jessica Simpson flats took me to dinner (La Cava, a favorite!) and a movie (American Reunion) with my husband and our friends. Yes, I highly recommend the movie! It was nostalgic watching them gather for their reunion with mine coming up this summer.
My old faithful slippers accompanied me as I trudged through cleaning our house, not my favorite task, but it’s always nice to have done!
My cute little peep-toe pink beauties and I headed to my niece’s First Communion Saturday evening. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up!
My lovely houndstooth Sperry’s kept my spirits up as I spent the entire day studying for the GMAT test I have coming up. I took an afternoon break to hit the pool for a workout and an evening break to have dinner with a couple of friends from high school, one I haven’t seen in years. Phew, all kinds of high school nostalgia this weekend! 🙂

Where did your shoes take you this weekend!?


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