As I mentioned earlier this week, in the midst of my Tuesday on the Island fun, I was able to enjoy a little escape of reality this week and attend the Jimmy Buffett concert in Des Moines. He hadn’t performed in Iowa since 1985, so it was great to welcome him back with my fellow Parrotheads!

If you aren’t familiar with the Parrothead culture, in terms of fashion, let me enlighten you. There is no such thing as too much floral, too much flare, and too much on your head. Trust me, or feel free to Google it. So here we go…my Parrothead look.

My husband joins in on the fun too. Yes, he made this jacket himself and he is very proud of it, as he should be! He gets so many complements on it! A goodwill jacket and a torn up lei hot-glued on, so easy!

During our engagement, we deemed the “Jimmy Buffett attitude” as a key to a happy marriage. So far, it’s worked well for us. 🙂 This was our 4th show together and we plan on attending as many as we can while Jimmy still tours!


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