Weekend Shoe Report

I had a pretty quiet weekend, which is always a nice change of pace! My husband was off hunting with his brother and friend, so I had plenty of time to tidy up the house and stuuuudy for the GMAT. I swear, I am way more fun that I’ll prove to be these next few weeks!!

My lovely Nine West boots took me to happy hour with a couple of ladies that turned in to five hours, and therefore a full night, of fun and conversation! It’s probably a good thing our waiter was terrible…because those margs were good and our convo went way beyond that last drink served…I probably would have had to walk home!
My Coach tennies took me to a local coffee shop to study…study…and study. Although my day started with a work-out and a quick little stop at Von Maur where I nailed a cute little wedge! 😉
My ridiculously tacky sparkle clogs helped me get some chores done outside with my hubs! We love making our yard beautiful and are anxious to get things planted! Tis the season for landscaping!!
My running shoes look me on a about 9 miles worth of running this weekend. I hope they last me through my marathon in October!!

How was your weekend!? Make it a great week!!


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