Weekend Shoe Report

Another weekend here and gone. They go so fast, don’t they!? Here what I was up to…

My snakeskin studded BCBGs took me to the movies with my sister and friend. We went to The Lucky One. Your typical Nicholas Sparks book-to-film adaptation, but it was good nonetheless. Zac Efron was my favorite part! 🙂
My loyal running shoes helped me cruise through my first race of the season, a 10k here in Iowa City. Although it was a bit chilly at the start line, it ended up being a great day to run! My sister did it with me, she’s a huge motivator when it comes to running, and getting out there to do races. We treated ourselves to a little shopping afterwards, where else but to running stores!
My Vince Camuto’s made their debut this weekend! LOVE THEM! We headed to the Quad Cities where I attended a workshop with my niece. She is competing for Junior Miss Iowa coming up in June!!
My Coach tennis took me to, where else, my local coffee shop so I could study, study, study. It’s a nice and rainy day today, so it wasn’t so bad being stuck inside! I also popped over to a friend’s house, she was having a Jamberry party. This is the hot new thing apparently!? I ordered a couple different colors, so I’ll make sure to report how it goes!!

How was your weekend?! Make it a great week!


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