Runner’s High

Pardon me while I ride out my runner’s high…ahhhhhhh!! Thanks! πŸ™‚ I’m still feeling really good after my run on Saturday and can’t wait for my next race!

I know running gear may not be the most exciting fashion topic to talk about for some of you, but it can be a challenge to buy. It’s so expensive and it’s always the last thing I feel like spending money on. Yes, even the shoes! That said, every time I suck it up and make a purchase, I’m instantly in love. And sometimes you get the best of both worlds and find a great item by accident. That was the case with these running capris. I wasn’t sure I’d like the style, so I bought a Danskin pair from Walmart. I was hooked from my first run and was only mad at myself for not buying another pair. Well, lucky me, I they brought them out again this spring/summer so I nabbed up another pair. The best part? They are $12! Under Armour, Nike, etc…cost upwards to $60-70.

The point you ask? Keep trying stuff, let it be your motivation, and always try the product out before using it on race day!

What running gear do you love? Also, I’m always anxious for new workout songs, so feel free to share your favorite tunes to burn the calories too!


4 thoughts on “Runner’s High

    • I did indeed! I actually worked for my local children’s hospital and was an advisor for many great schools for a couple years. I’m not on the advisory board for our national office, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. πŸ™‚ What school did you participate at!? Good for you!

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