Weekend Shoe Report

What another great weekend, I’m such a fortunate person!

My Keen bike shoes took me on an unsuccessful bike ride with friends on Friday night. Darn lightning!! It was still a nice night of conversation and food!
My cute little purple flower sandals took me to BeerFest in Cedar Rapids. Our friend runs Benz Beverage Depot and they put on another great event. Lots of sunshine and good beer! I also started my day running another great 10k race and enjoyed a great BBQ at my in-laws for the evening. Such a great day start to finish!
My Sperry’s helped me study in the morning and garden in the afternoon. What beautiful sunshine we had today! My hubs and I also enjoyed some more family time complete with fish tacos for dinner and Orange Leaf for dessert….SO GOOD!

How was your weekend?! Make it a great week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Shoe Report

  1. I love reading your blogs!!!! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes, and clothes so i really have fun seeing everything you put together!! thank you for taking the time for all of us out there!!!! 😉

    • Alicia,
      Thank you for such a nice comment!!!! I’m having fun challenging myself, so I’m happy to know I’m encouraging others to do the same! 🙂

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