Let’s Unplug!

I follow Emily over at Peck Life and she had a great idea to pick a day each month this summer and unplug. No phone (text, calls, etc!), no social media, no iPad (EK, mine is still so new and shiny!), no TV….nothing. I was all on board for this…I can openly admit that I have major iLove. I love keeping up with the world at my finger tips. But what about MY world? What am I missing when I’m busy following everyone else? I set to find out.

I picked Saturday, June 23rd as my day to unplug. I had a long run and a bachlorette party out-of-town. I thought it was a great day to be connected…to life, not devices. I started out with my 6-mile run. I have to admit, this was probably the best part of my day (as far as being unplugged. You can’t really compare a run to a bachelorette party! :)) No GPS watch telling me my pace and how far I’ve gone (or still have to go!), no iPod. Just me, the open trail, friendly passersby, birds chirping and the sound of my feet on the pavement. It was liberating. I will be doing more runs like this, that is for sure!

After my run, I enjoyed blasting music to get ready for my day with the girls. I have to say, without pit stops to check Facebook, Twitter, the Weather Channel, etc., I got ready really fast! Imagine that. I didn’t busy myself with ‘check-in’ texts with the other girls or anything. I knew when and where I needed to be and I went with it.

The rest of the day was simply put, fantastic. Instead of picking up my phone to check it, I picked up my camera and captured a great day with some fabulous ladies.

I am already looking forward to picking a day in July. Shoot, maybe I’ll even pick some days not for blogging purposes! If you think you may be an over-stimulated person, consider a day to unplug. It’s refreshing. And guess what, you really don’t miss anything at all! 😉

With a weekend and the best holiday of the year coming up, remember to be present in your present. Trust me, it’s way cooler than those status updates!


Reverse, Reverse

I really should have busted out the shades for this photo…

Top: Ann Taylor, Skirt: Express, Shoes: Danita

Jewels: Cookie Lee, Watch: Fossil

This skirt is always a fun way to spice up an office look. As the day went on, I recalled a previous post where I wore this skirt with the opposite colors:

Just goes to show a little change here and there can create a whole new look!

Girl Vent

To my male friends reading this…you may just want to stop now. To the ladies, hear me out. I just need a second to have a girl vent.


Do you ever pay for a salon service and just feel annoyed because you didn’t get the result or service you were hoping for? To those lovely ladies and gentlemen that perform these services, first and foremost thank you for your work. Standing on your feet, eluding massive amount of energy every day…it’s a tough job. I don’t deny that! But, as a customer, I don’t treat myself to these things often, so when I go, I’m expecting 100% awesomeness.

So here was my evening…I signed up for a bikini wax via LivingSocial and went to my appointment last night. I got all nice and ready and the lady did a damn good job up-selling me to go all the way, if you catch my drift. I have gotten a bikini wax before, but never a Brazilian. It hurt, it was awkward, and it hurt. I just kept thinking about all pool and lake time I have coming up and how it’ll be worth it! I also found out I should have gotten my run in in the morning because unless I wanted to risk infection, heat isn’t fresh-wax friendly. UGH! So then, I go to pay, where I’m assuming I got screwed because of the confusion on the lady’s part since I paid via LivingSocial. Whatever. I’m not afraid to be an assertive customer, but after a pretty…um…intimate experience, I was just ready to freakin’ leave. I was in pain.

**Insert call to my sister-in-law who raves about this service and was the voice I heard in my head that made me say, ‘sure why not’ to the Brazilian. Turns out, I should have called her before, to get some tips. Oy!

Cue 12 hours later, aka, this morning. Much to my dismay, I realize she MISSED SPOTS!!! And not even ‘no one will ever see spots’, but like ‘visible with a damn swimsuit on’ spots!!!!!! This place is 40 minutes from my house, I’m not likely to pop in and say, ‘hey fix this’. What’s a girl to do!

This really just adds to my overall love-hate with waxing. I enjoy the end results. But I feel as though I get burned often, figuratively and literally. In fact, three days before my Junior prom, I went in for a brow wax and ‘oops’ the lady left the wax on high and she burned and therefore, scabbed my brows. You can imagine the trauma of someone who had been looking forward to getting ready for their prom since about age 10 5. Thank goodness for my MaryKay consultant and concealer.

This goes for hair and nails too. My husband often tells me when I complain about a bad mani or pedi that I should just do it myself. But I like being pampered!! That’s the whole point. And haircuts, I’ve since learned the ‘pros’ to cutting it dry, but I’m still always a little sad when it happens because getting it washed is the best feeling ever.

Okay, please let me I’m not alone with this?! I had a co-worker once that cried over a hair-coloring experience and spent hours getting it fixed…so I’m thinking I’m not. Do you have a horror story??

Thanks for letting me vent.

Grease Lightning!

Raise your hand if you grew up watching Grease!!


As I was doing the ‘check before leaving the house’ in the mirror with this outfit on, I had immediate visions of Grease. And it was a flashback of the T-Birds fashion, not the Pink Ladies! Oops! Hey masculine looks are in! 🙂

Shirt: Gap, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Sperry Top Sider via Scheels

And let’s not forget the ever important detail of the cuffed bottoms, it really seals the Danny look in my opinion!

Do you have a favorite scene or song from Grease!? Mine is for sure the slumber party and “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”! 🙂

PS – This photo was taken in my in-laws backyard. It’s straight out of Home & Garden. I have a minor complex about my Black Thumb when it comes to taking care of my own plants because of this!! Luckily, my husband seems to have gotten the Green Thumb gene!

Girl Time!

I have had such fantastic weekends lately and I it’s time to start taking the time to share them! I’ll catch up from earlier this month sometime soon. But for now, I must brag about how awesome this weekend was!

First off, a Friday afternoon at my in-laws pool with my BFF. Ah, so relaxing! Then Friday night, I went to Indina Menzel. Man, I thought I loved her before the show. Seeing her live was ahhhfreakinmazing. Yes, for her, that is a word!

All ready to go:

Dress: Francesca’s, Bracelet and Belt: Forever 21, Earrings: New York and Co, Shoes: Vince Cumato via Von Maur

The Show:

She came out to the audience to find a partner for Take Me or Leave Me from RENT.

I ran in to Liz afterwards:

Her pretty dress is from White House Black Market. She blogs here, go say hello!

Then came to big festival of the weekend, my girlfriend Courtney’s bachelorette party on Saturday. We went to Galena, IL and had a BLAST! You know what they say, what happens on those trips…stays on those trips…but I do have some fun memories to share.

Lunch on Main Street, can we say plastic!?

We followed up lunch with some shopping. I almost bought this note pad, but feared I might actually use it! 😉

We rented a perfect 5-bedroom house out in a little resort area. We did girl things, you know; eat, drink, open presents, etc. That’s all you get to hear about anyways!

Group Shot:

Time to freshen up for dinner, we clean up nice ladies!!!

Group Shot 2 at the house:

And at the restaurant:

Girl time is so good for the soul. Thanks for all of the laughs friends. See you all at the wedding!!

How was your weekend!? Make it a great week!

Happy First Blogiversary to Me!


I can’t believe I started writing this blog a year ago. I’ve spent some time this week reflecting back on where I started and where I am now. WOW, it’s changed so much! Thank you to my loyal followers and those that simply pop in from time to time. All your reading, support, and comments are truly appreciated!

I hope you don’t mind as I take a little trip down memory lane to share some of the highlights from the last year.

Moving forward, my biggest goal is putting more effort and energy in to my photos. It took me awhile to even get comfortable sharing photos of myself…but with all your lovely feedback, I’ve built my confidence and have fun with it. So now I need better quality photos. Man, some of those first ones are rough…thanks for staying with me through my growing pains!!

And lastly, I’m sure you are all dying to know, how many pairs of shoes do I have now?! Okay, maybe you aren’t. But I was curious! A year ago, I had 98. And, for the sake of research, I counted again. I now have 123.*  Gulp!



Cheers to a fantastic year of shoes, fashion, love and learning!

*Note, this includes every.single.shoe.ever. From flip flips for the pool to snow boots for the winter.

Pretty Dresses = Girly Happiness

Dress: Express, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bracelets: Cookie Lee, Watch: Timex via Target, Necklace: My own

Sometimes all you need is a pretty little dress to make your day happy. This dress made for one of those days. What’s your happy?!?