Interview Outfits

Going through a recent job search, one thing I had to consider was what to wear. Wouldn’t you know, People StyleWatch covered this very topic in their recent issue. Here is what some experts had to say:

  • TV Correspondent – A fitted 3/4 sleeve dress, jewel tones
  • Fashion Director – A stylish dress, simple shape with a bold print
  • Recruiter – Coordinating pant or skirt suit, collared shirt
  • Blogger from – Black, gray or navy suit, stick to classic pieces
So which way did I lean!?
Definitely towards classic pieces! I know many business are become a lot more casual these days, but I guess it’s just the old-fashioned girl in me…interview = suit. It also means neutral colors, panty hose (ugh!), and not a lot of jewelry. The last think you need is your bracelet clunky on the table. You want the interviewees focusing on what you are saying, not wearing!
I mean, once you wow them…you have your whole career to really let your style shine through! 🙂

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