Girl Vent

To my male friends reading this…you may just want to stop now. To the ladies, hear me out. I just need a second to have a girl vent.


Do you ever pay for a salon service and just feel annoyed because you didn’t get the result or service you were hoping for? To those lovely ladies and gentlemen that perform these services, first and foremost thank you for your work. Standing on your feet, eluding massive amount of energy every day…it’s a tough job. I don’t deny that! But, as a customer, I don’t treat myself to these things often, so when I go, I’m expecting 100% awesomeness.

So here was my evening…I signed up for a bikini wax via LivingSocial and went to my appointment last night. I got all nice and ready and the lady did a damn good job up-selling me to go all the way, if you catch my drift. I have gotten a bikini wax before, but never a Brazilian. It hurt, it was awkward, and it hurt. I just kept thinking about all pool and lake time I have coming up and how it’ll be worth it! I also found out I should have gotten my run in in the morning because unless I wanted to risk infection, heat isn’t fresh-wax friendly. UGH! So then, I go to pay, where I’m assuming I got screwed because of the confusion on the lady’s part since I paid via LivingSocial. Whatever. I’m not afraid to be an assertive customer, but after a pretty…um…intimate experience, I was just ready to freakin’ leave. I was in pain.

**Insert call to my sister-in-law who raves about this service and was the voice I heard in my head that made me say, ‘sure why not’ to the Brazilian. Turns out, I should have called her before, to get some tips. Oy!

Cue 12 hours later, aka, this morning. Much to my dismay, I realize she MISSED SPOTS!!! And not even ‘no one will ever see spots’, but like ‘visible with a damn swimsuit on’ spots!!!!!! This place is 40 minutes from my house, I’m not likely to pop in and say, ‘hey fix this’. What’s a girl to do!

This really just adds to my overall love-hate with waxing. I enjoy the end results. But I feel as though I get burned often, figuratively and literally. In fact, three days before my Junior prom, I went in for a brow wax and ‘oops’ the lady left the wax on high and she burned and therefore, scabbed my brows. You can imagine the trauma of someone who had been looking forward to getting ready for their prom since about age 10 5. Thank goodness for my MaryKay consultant and concealer.

This goes for hair and nails too. My husband often tells me when I complain about a bad mani or pedi that I should just do it myself. But I like being pampered!! That’s the whole point. And haircuts, I’ve since learned the ‘pros’ to cutting it dry, but I’m still always a little sad when it happens because getting it washed is the best feeling ever.

Okay, please let me I’m not alone with this?! I had a co-worker once that cried over a hair-coloring experience and spent hours getting it fixed…so I’m thinking I’m not. Do you have a horror story??

Thanks for letting me vent.


2 thoughts on “Girl Vent

    • Ugh, I know I should…! I’m just a little lazy with it being such a far drive and having full nights the rest of the week! Next time, I’ll know to look while I’m still there! ;))

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